Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This is our annual Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Joel collected 100 some eggs with the help of Emily.

Joel is playing Hot Egg.... having a blast with his little Sunday School friends.

Grandma went with us and enjoyed watching her grand kids.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 March 13th/20th

Sunday March 13th
This is my niece, Stacy, and her fiance' Jeff. They are getting married on 5-7-11 and today was their Bridal Shower. I tried to take some good pictures because I plan to make her a scrapbook.

Monday March 14th

I worked the midnight shift on Monday morning so I took Adrienne's Disney Album and was able to get these two pages done between patients'.

Joel woke up Monday morning honking like a clunker car with his croupy cough. Though he did not get an albuterol treatment he did stay home from school. By noon, he was better and went out with his dad and got one of his favorite toys....a nerf gun. Life father, like son. Tito's hobby is guns and rifles but he is registered and it is all legal and he teaches the boys the right way to "bear arms"!!!

Thursday the 17th
When I went into work on Wednesday night, I found this sitting on the counter for me. Mary, my co worker, had taken pictures of Joel for me and had them made into an 8.5x11 book.

a page inside
Friday the 18th
This little guy will grow hair (grass) as Joel waters him each day. This is a craft he made in school. It will be interesting to see if Joel has a green thumb like his grandpa.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365 March 6th thru March 11th

Sunday 6th

Attended church.

Monday the 7th
Started working out again on Monday. Hopefully, I will continue to do it through Easter and well after.

Tuesday the 8th
AJ had another wrestling meet and he won. It is very difficult for me to sit and watch wrestling. I can't stand some of the positions the neck and shoulders endure. AJ has won two meets in a row now and I think that initial match that sent him to the ER was probably good in the fact that he has learned what not to do or allow. The Trenton Varsity Team helps coach the middle school team and AJ has mentioned learning what to do in certain situations.
This is something I will have to get used to because he will be doing this in high school, I guess it is better than football.....I guess....

Wednesday the 9th
I am not Catholic but I am participating in lent and will be giving up spending money that I don't need to a cup of coffee here....a snack at work there. Also, I will be continuing my pledge to work out 3 days a week. So far so good for the first

Thursday the 10th
I got pictures back from my friend and co-worker Mary who is a photographer and has a studio in her home. She has her own business called, Memorable Designs. These are Joel's 5 year old pictures and will be the beginning of his 3rd scrapbook that I have started working on.

Friday the 11th
This day started with my performance appraisal at work. I was very happy with my evaluation and it was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday the 12th
Cleaning the house for the family coming in for, my niece, Stacy's Bridal Shower.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project 365

Sunday 027
Sunday I read to Joel, this has got to be my favorite book now. The alphabet is tired of being in the same order so they mix themselves up. It is a cute rhyming book, here is just an excerpt.
L,M,N,O,P split up.
The P said, "This is better! When children say the alphabet, we won't sound like one letter."

Monday 028
AJ had his first visit to the chiropractor. He has been stiff and sore since his wrestling injury and I am hoping some adjustments and massage will cure his "pain in the neck"...

Tuesday 001
Such an exciting day.....I can't remember what I did???

Wednesday 002
Wednesday, Joel got some of Stunt Man's outgrown clothes. Does the picture reveal the love. Thank you, MiMi.

Also on Wednesday, Adrienne turned 16. So hard to believe. Her and I spent Thursday at the mall clothes shopping and picking up her class ring. The whole family went to Chili's for dinner and she got an ice cream sundae and a song. She had a pretty expensive birthday but she is a great gal and deserved the treat.

Thursday 003
Emily got her stitches out. That was a major ordeal and I am so thankful for all the prayers because she got through it.

Friday 004/Saturday 005
Work and Sleep

Sunday, February 27, 2011

PROJECT 365 020/027

Sunday 020

BIG SURPRISE....BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I couldn't believe it.....Tito and I are expecting again.... We did not plan this, we thought we were done, we are TOTALLY unprepared....
What will we do with more SNOW....Yes, on this day we were expecting more

Monday 021
The kids missed out on what would have been a snow day because they were on winter break and we again were blessed with more white stuff.

Tuesday 022
I was feeling creative and started working on Adrienne's Disney album. That is Adrienne when she was 15 months time flies.

Wednesday 023
Emily got her braces in preparation for her surgery on Thursday. Her braces have a two fold purpose, they are to straighten her teeth but also to act as a cast while her palate heals back together.

Thursday 024

Emily had her oral surgery on Thursday. None of her 3 teeth, the baby, the permanent or the one that developed in her palate were viable. The one that developed in her palate created a whole in her maxillary sinus and she needed a bone graft to seal up the whole. God was so good to direct our paths so that this could be taken care of in a timely manner; otherwise, in time other things could have developed that would have made her situation worse.

Friday 026/Saturday 027

This was a big weekend of hockey, Adrienne had state finals. She scored 1 goal and got 3 assists. Pretty soon it will be time to start trying out for the Fall season.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365/013-020/050

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Sunday 013
I missed church to catch up on sleep. When I work so many midnights in a row I can be awfully cranky and mean. The kids, on the other hand, went to Living Faith Chapel and I went to Bedside

Monday 014

Tito bought home a big box of chocolates for me for Valentine's Day. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is also a wonderful father to our kids. He is a great provider and the leader of our home. Right now, he is teaching AJ how to wrestle, Tito was a wrestler in high school....I hope he can keep our son out of the

Emily and I spent a couple hours at the oral surgeon's office on Valentine's Day. She has a permanent tooth that grew horizontal in the roof of her mouth so she will be having it cut out and placed in its proper vertical place. There will be a bracket put in place, like a cast on a broken bone, until it heals into the socket. Dr. Morris has a cat scan machine for teeth....the technology is awesome and he had no real idea where this tooth was until he performed the scan...he actually thought it was somewhere else. I love diagnostic imaging...

Tuesday 015

I survived my first wrestling match. That is AJ on top. I was very nervous watching all the other wrestlers before him. I was waiting for snapping necks and dislocated shoulders, but now that I have seen AJ I really think I will enjoy it. I said NO to football because NFL means "Not For Long". He actually likes wrestling better. It was also nice to see several of the Trenton High School Varsity Wrestlers there supporting the up and coming Varsity Team.
The picture quality will improve when I increase my speed and add my bigger flash. Future meets will be good photography practice for me.

Wednesday 016

More scrap booking and a church potluck which was a very nice day of fellowship.

Thursday 017
Thursday I was able to get three tickets Row 2 to Sesame Street Live with Elmo. I initially did not want to go because I was working the midnight before and after the show so I knew I would be tired. Thanks to face book, Joel's teacher posted she had three extra tickets so we talked to Grandma and decided the three of us would go.....hooray!!!

Friday 018
Elmo's World on Friday. We had great seats and it was a wonderful time with Joel and his Grandma.

Saturday 019
We went to visit Tito's family and spend time with our niece Kristina, who turned 8 last week. She played the piano for us and the girls enjoyed putting on make up and finger nails.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

PROJECT 365/006-365/043

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Sunday 006

Super Bowl Sunday.....Go Green Bay Packers.

Joel had tons of fun with SM.
Mark beat his record and this year ate one more White Castle than last year for a total of 17! He was not smiling when the Pittsburgh Steelers lost :(
Very nice time MiMi, thank you for opening up your home.

Monday 007

This little guy came home sick from school on Monday. He told his teacher, "you better call my mom". When I got there he threw up in the trash can....thank God it was not in my van. Look at him after, Tylenol, a three hour nap and a few bites of Ramen Noodle. I hope that was it.

Tuesday 008
Joel still fighting a low grade temperature. It ended up lasting 4 days.

Wednesday 009
Another wonderful day of scrap booking. This is Joel's second book and it is busting at the seems so I will be starting his 3rd book real soon.

Thursday 010

After my shift of work on Thursday, my boss called me into the office to inform me that I am getting a raise....woo hoo!!! Thirty four cents per hour. Thank You Lord, I not only have a job I love....I get paid well to boot.

Friday 011

Friday was payday and all the bills were paid.

More came that evening.....UGH!!!

Saturday 012

AJ had a wrestling meet on Saturday and I got a call that he went by ambulance to the Emergency Room at Annapolis Hospital. His Dad was on that day so he met him there and I got there shortly after. I am not a horrible mom for not going to the meet, I simply don't think I could stomach my son getting hurt. I don't like it.....seeing him on a backboard with a c-collar was frightening enough. Fortunately, I work in this environment so I knew everything that would be done before I even got there.

He is ok...just sore. Thank You Lord for watching over him. He went back to his meet to watch his team mates finish and they rallied around him like he was Justin Beiber. He also won that match because the other kid played unfair and was disqualified....Way To Go AJ!!!

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