Sunday, February 13, 2011

PROJECT 365/006-365/043

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Sunday 006

Super Bowl Sunday.....Go Green Bay Packers.

Joel had tons of fun with SM.
Mark beat his record and this year ate one more White Castle than last year for a total of 17! He was not smiling when the Pittsburgh Steelers lost :(
Very nice time MiMi, thank you for opening up your home.

Monday 007

This little guy came home sick from school on Monday. He told his teacher, "you better call my mom". When I got there he threw up in the trash can....thank God it was not in my van. Look at him after, Tylenol, a three hour nap and a few bites of Ramen Noodle. I hope that was it.

Tuesday 008
Joel still fighting a low grade temperature. It ended up lasting 4 days.

Wednesday 009
Another wonderful day of scrap booking. This is Joel's second book and it is busting at the seems so I will be starting his 3rd book real soon.

Thursday 010

After my shift of work on Thursday, my boss called me into the office to inform me that I am getting a raise....woo hoo!!! Thirty four cents per hour. Thank You Lord, I not only have a job I love....I get paid well to boot.

Friday 011

Friday was payday and all the bills were paid.

More came that evening.....UGH!!!

Saturday 012

AJ had a wrestling meet on Saturday and I got a call that he went by ambulance to the Emergency Room at Annapolis Hospital. His Dad was on that day so he met him there and I got there shortly after. I am not a horrible mom for not going to the meet, I simply don't think I could stomach my son getting hurt. I don't like it.....seeing him on a backboard with a c-collar was frightening enough. Fortunately, I work in this environment so I knew everything that would be done before I even got there.

He is ok...just sore. Thank You Lord for watching over him. He went back to his meet to watch his team mates finish and they rallied around him like he was Justin Beiber. He also won that match because the other kid played unfair and was disqualified....Way To Go AJ!!!

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Denise said...

I love you sis, congrats on your raise. Praying for your dear family.

Beth in NC said...

Yay for the raise. I pray everyone is healthy now! I am so jealous of your scrapbooks! I had so many intentions of doing that throughout my daughter's childhood! I started on the first days of her life and boom -- I was too busy to ever touch it again. :o(

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for you! (about the raise!) Glad AJ is okay, that is always scary.

He & Me + 3 said...

We text so much I knew everything about your week already. I t was cool to see it in pictures though. Contests on the raise and so glad aj and joel r ok now.

momma frans said...

wow, so glad aj is ok! hope everyone stays healthy in your house, and that joel is feeling better. have a blessed week!

semperfi said...

Glad AJ is ok. Saw you mentioned Annapolis. I take it that means Annap. MD??? If yes, that is where I consider home. My dad was stationed at the USNA for 5 1/2 years. I really miss that place.
Have a blessed week,

rita said...

Sickness and injury, success and a raise, scrapbooking and bills paid--all in one week. And much more, I'm sure. Full lives, full hearts and a wonderful God!

McCrakensx4 said...

what a scary moment for sure...whenever your child is hurt it's scray (had that with colin and brendan while playing football...never fun) glad that he is ok and all is well. and i had a sickie too this week, colin. glad your little one is feeling back to his fun little self. and yay for scrapbooking; sadly i don't think i will ever catch up on the boys' books. and i really miss going to mimi's for super bowl parties!

RaD said...

I think I said this last week, but oh how I wish I could scrapbook once a week. Glad your boy was okay, I don't hink I would have handled it well either. Especially knowing that the other boy cheated and your son had to go to the hospital unnecessarily.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

So very glad your son is OK! It is so scary when an accident happens!

Isn't that the way of it, you get them paid and then more come...but a huge blessing for a raise and the ability to pay your bills.

Have a great week!