Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 March 13th/20th

Sunday March 13th
This is my niece, Stacy, and her fiance' Jeff. They are getting married on 5-7-11 and today was their Bridal Shower. I tried to take some good pictures because I plan to make her a scrapbook.

Monday March 14th

I worked the midnight shift on Monday morning so I took Adrienne's Disney Album and was able to get these two pages done between patients'.

Joel woke up Monday morning honking like a clunker car with his croupy cough. Though he did not get an albuterol treatment he did stay home from school. By noon, he was better and went out with his dad and got one of his favorite toys....a nerf gun. Life father, like son. Tito's hobby is guns and rifles but he is registered and it is all legal and he teaches the boys the right way to "bear arms"!!!

Thursday the 17th
When I went into work on Wednesday night, I found this sitting on the counter for me. Mary, my co worker, had taken pictures of Joel for me and had them made into an 8.5x11 book.

a page inside
Friday the 18th
This little guy will grow hair (grass) as Joel waters him each day. This is a craft he made in school. It will be interesting to see if Joel has a green thumb like his grandpa.


He & Me + 3 said...

Lisa these pictures are all gorgeous. I love that album so much. Find out where she printed it for me please, I would love to know. Cute pictures of Joel. He doesn't look sick at all :)