Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Final Stop...I saved the BEST for last.

I was as crazy about driving to Florida as I was flying, if I could I would have zapped us all there; BUT, on the way I noticed we drove through Chattanooga Tennessee. I immediately thought of Denise a very dear blogger friend I never would have imagined I would be able to meet. I contacted her on facebook and we set up a meeting time for when we were coming home back through Tennessee.
Denise is so special to me because she has prayed me through a lot of difficult and unsure times with my parent's health. She is so faithful, if she tells you she is going to pray, she will and she will check back with you to see what God has done. I appreciate her so much. She has become my "in real life" friend and I hope one day her and Eddie can come and visit us in Michigan. They will be most welcomed to stay at our home.

The kids think she is SUPER and they are amazed I met her on the internet and it seemed like the whole family knew her all of our lives. Pink is Denise's favorite color and my little Emily wanted to give her her Disney shirt, that is how lovable Denise is.
In the picture below I am thanking Denise for her love and faithfulness to pray for all of her friends. She is even more terrific in person, if that can be possible, and I could NO WAY have gone by Chattanooga Tennessee without stopping to meet her. I want to thank my sweet Tito for going home one day later so that we could stop to meet Denise....what a blessing.
Denise gave me a candle one of my favorite things, a notepad and an angel. These gifts I will cherish. Thank you for everything my friend.


Alicia said...

So sweet! Wow, God is good!!!

Debbie said...

Lisa, I'm so glad that you stopped to visit Denise. I agree with you; she is always there to pray and she seems so caring and loving. I'm glad she is the real deal too. I'm sure it was a joy for her to meet you and your family as well.

Blessings and love,

Nicole said...

What a blessing that had to be! Also very sweet of your husband to actually let you meet her. How fun and such a treasured memory.

Makay said...

I just wanted to say- I found your blog and its great! I love your header! SO TRUE!

It is so great to find fellow Christian bloggers. :)

I hope you check out and follow my blog!

Hope to blog buddys haha. :)

Love, Makay

McCrakensx4 said...

That is so cool that you were able to meet a bloggy friend in real life! Memories to cherish.

Denise said...

I am the blessed one dear sis. I love you all so very much, big hugs and prayers to your entire family.

He & Me + 3 said...


That is just awesome. What a sweet thing for you to do and how great to meet another blogging friend. It is a wonderful land we blog in. Denise is so faithful to comment and pray. I see her comments all the time. So happy you got to meet her.

Ann said...

How wonderful to be able to meet in person! Your friendship with Denise is so sweet. The relationships that can form through blogging are just amazing.

And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!