Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been on a mission to feed my family healthier and promote good eating habit selections, which meant we needed to stop eating fast food and I had to start cooking. I discovered by talking with friends that you can get ground turkey meat and use it just like you would the beef but without all the fat. Guess what, the family does not know the difference. I have put ground turkey in tacos, hamburger, spaghetti and yesterday I made a meatloaf. I have never had to drain any fat and it is just as tasty. I have only tried the Jennie O brand and I am extremely happy with it. So, if you are wanting to avoid fast foods and get your family onto a healthier lifestyle maybe this Tuesday Tip will help.


He And Me + 3 said...

We use Turkey all the time too. Love it way better than beef. Meijer turkey is fine too, & a little cheaper, but I like Jenni-o too!

Rebecca said...

I love ground turkey in everything from tacos to sphaghetti! This is such a great tip!


Blessed Nest said...

I do the same! No one knows the difference!Jenni O's is a great, natural brand

Michelle said...

Also, if you want some beef, try laura's lean beef! It is awesome! Also, here is a hard one for a lot of people, try buying products without hydroneated oils in it! I try a different product everyweek to see if we like it! For example we love cheez-its, but they have preservatives... found back to nature cheddar crisps, taste just like cheez-its without the preservatives! I have found many products that taste the same as the all the bad ones!