Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Tuesday Tip

IGS Energy New Natural Gas Offer: Low fixed rate to last through the winter!

I found out today when I called IGS at 1-877-444-7427 and talked with Brian, that MichCon has to charge a higher price for their gas. My CCF on the back of my DTE bill is 1.136 and that is expected to go higher because winter is coming. If you call IGS and give them just your name, address, phone number and acct number with your current gas company they will give you a FIXED CCF of 1.06 through March 2009. Your bill will be from the same company the only difference is you will be saving money. You can cancel at any time no obligations and no fees. It is worth checking out, just call the number and ask for Brian or speak with any representative.


He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for the tip! YOu know I will call. I am loving the cooler weather though, I haven't had the air on in a while now. I am excited about that. Hope we can last until winter without using the heat or the air. That would be awesome!