Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter of Intent to my Dearest Niece and Future Nephew


My Dearest Stacy and Jeff,
I am going to buy you both the Lovedare journal and the movie Fireproof. You are getting married next year and planning a wedding in very stressful. You both need to commit to reading and completing the 40 day challenge and see how it will change your relationship. In all honesty, if you guys are getting on each others nerves now it will not be any easier when you are married.
I did the 40 day challenge, I had a good talk with God and He showed me the areas I needed to change. It hurt very bad when He revealed to me the areas where I was wrong. I cried and I prayed He would create in me a pure heart and renew the right spirit within me. I can honestly say your Uncle and I have not had a disagreement since I took the challenge. Nobody is perfect, we need to be thankful for the people God puts into our lives and all of our actions need to be done as unto Him. If you study His Word and ask Him to reveal areas in your life you need to change, He will do it. I love you both very much and I want your marriage to start out strong and with the right intent and benefits of marriage that God intended.

Love "Icky" xoxoxoxox


Foursons said...

What an amazing gift you are giving. Your love for them is apparent in the thoughtfulness of it. Thanks for linking up, I think I need to read this book now!

Julie said...

So important. What a great gift to give to a young couple.

the Spocks said...

Although I haven't read the book, the movie is excellent. That gift would be a great one to any young couple. You are a good aunt to give the gift of love.

Visiting from Foursons.

Denise said...

So very inspiring, bless you.