Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have house guests........

Do you see that little thing back there with the claws right in the middle of the photo? That is a hermit crab and Emily brought them home from school to stay with us for the holiday. She is having a lot of fun feeding them and making sure they have plenty of distilled water. She even prepared a special place in her bedroom for them.

Adrienne went to the Trenton High Snowball Dance last weekend. She is such a dedicated gal. We had to get up at 6am to go and get her a dress and all the accessories because she is so busy studying and playing hockey all the time it is the only time we had. She also had a game that morning which she would not miss because if they had lost her team would have been in 4th place instead of 2nd and she is a good player who gets a lot of assists so they won that game and she went to the dance feeling relieved she was committed.
I get a kick out of the bruise on her right doubt from hockey....she won't hide it.
AJ has had a very busy week. He had a Band Concert, Jazz Band Concert and Christmas Parade all in the same week. He was also playing basketball for the middle school so for the past 2 months he did not get home from school until 7pm because he would have basketball and then band practice. He also had a couple commitments to play the piano and sax for church, he has been a busy fella. The boy he is pictured with is the son of a good friend of mine, we went to x-ray school together how funny now that our kids are buddies.
All this boy would like to know is when is Santa Claus coming to town. He is my only child that believes so Santa will be making a visit on Wednesday of next week and I can't wait to see his face. He tells me he is afraid of Santa.....mmmmm he should be, he has been very wild and testing my patience lately. I made sure to tell him the real meaning of Christmas and in this picture he was at school having a birthday party for Jesus.


Beth in NC said...

Looks like a busy time my friend. If it is any consolation, my 4 year old is really coming out too. Ha. She seems to have reached a new level of her personality. :o)

Your children are beautiful.

Merry Christmas friend!

Andrea said...

You have a beautiful family. That bruise looks like it would hurt.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love this wrap up of events that have been going on. Aj was awesome on his sax at church. Fabulous. Adrienne looked so beautiful and tall in those heels. Good luck keeping that crab alive Emily! See you soon Joel!

Alicia said...

Lisa..I love how your kids are so active and so smart!!!! I've missed reading your blog!!

Love the last picture!! He looks so sweet!!!! Aww!

Denise said...

Your kids are all so very awesome, love you sweetie.