Friday, November 14, 2008

I am so excited.

I received this awesome award from my dear blogging friend Denise. When I read her Thankful Thursday I was reminded of how I saw my mom suffer physically with her heart condition and I remember God was with us all the way.
My mom had open heart surgery at the age of 72 to replace her aortic valve with a pig valve. Just to back track a little, she had a liver condition that we nor the doctors knew about, when she had her open heart she received an exorbitant amount of anesthesia. The doctor said, "her liver should never have been able to filter the medication, she should have died". We all know how wonderful our Lord is, the word NEVER even crossed our mind.
Days after her surgery we would be running back to the hospital, calling an ambulance and just waiting to see if this set back, she had 3, was going to take her to our Lord. I remember crying in the car as I was praying--- God spoke to me as clear as day, he said, "I have sustained your mother, If you keep believing, I will keep working." She is still with us 4 years later. She just recently had chest pain which ended up being a heart spasm which actually drew attention again to her liver which is in the process of being rebalanced. Now without that heart spasm we would not have found out about the critical, out of balance condition her liver was in.
God has been so gooooooooooood to me, my parents are just 1 of the ways He has blessed me and I pray for them everyday. I am believing for the Lord to heal my sweet friend Denise, He is able. It was an awesome thing when the "peace that passes all understanding" hit me. The night before my mom's surgery my cousin asked me, "Aren't you scared," when I thought about it I said, "No". I had peace she would be okay and when I started to think she might die--the Lord spoke.
I would love to pass on this cool award to all of my followers. I think you guys are the best and your blogs are HOT!

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Davisix said...

Great post, Lisa! And thanks for passing on the award. I'm so honored. :) Ang

Debbie said...

Lisa, I am honored to receive your HOT BLOGGER award. Thank you so much. And congratulations to you! I'm amazed at how God works. He has blessed me with many new blogging friends. Even though we've never met face to face, it's a joy and privilege to get to know so many other sisters in Christ. I'm working with my husband on a startup tech company and blogging is something I do on the side. I don't get out very much because of the work, and yet God has brought many friends into my world now, just when I needed it. Thank you and God bless you.

McCrakensx4 said...

God is Good all the time and your mom is a treasure! Thanks for my HOT award, I am honored!

Anonymous said...

You are right God is so good and His mercies endureth forever. I am thankful that your mom is still with you all today! Thank you for the 'HOT" award I will post it now on my blog! Have a great weekend.

Alicia said...

Lisa!!!!!! Oh my gosh...I feel so blessed to receive that from you!! I'm so glad to have met you and so many other woman in "blog land" where I totally feel a connection! I'm sure I'm not the only one who looks forward to your posts!!

As far as your mom..WOW! God has been sustaining her, and holding her up!! We know that the "doctors" word is never final. He always has the last word!! Thank you for sharing about your mother!!!!


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Congratulations~! You deserve it and so do all your recipients.

I love your mom, she is a sweet heart and deserves all the prayers that she can get (just like the rest of us)!

He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks Lisa...that award is pretty cool!

Debra said...


You are an amazing bloggy friend. I always leave here a richer person!

What an amazing story about your Mom and what an encouragement for our sweet sister, Denise. God is so faithful and He is able! Amen!

((hug)) to you sweet sis! Loved this post!

Denise said...

May God continue to shower you, and your dear mom with love and sweet blessings my friend.

Named Alicia said...

Oh, sweetie, thank you so much! You are such a blessing. I am glad your mother is doing better.

I have been so bad about these awards lately, but I promise I will start passing them out. I am now trying to get caught up on all of my blog reading. Hopefully life will slow down soon!

Mom To Six said...

Thank you so much for the award!! You are so very sweet.

May God bless you, your beautiful family and your sweet Mom.