Monday, October 27, 2008

1. I have no intention of asking MiMi if we can skip one day of walking this week so that we can scrapbook and catch up a little in that department. No, I would not do that because we need the exercise too badly and that is just an excuse to get out of exercising.

2. I am not going to wake up and go to the gym tomorrow at 5am because I will be way too tired and it is way too cold that early in the morning. I am by no means a health nut, I don't care if I gain weight.

3. I would not dream of asking my mom for some grocery items because I am too lazy to go to Meijer and get them myself. Whenever I need something from the store I go immediately and call and ask all my family and friends if there is anything they need that I can pick up for them because I have all kinds of time on my hands.

4. My back has felt so wonderful with this weather change that I have all my house cleaning done and I did not have to waste any time on my heating pad because I was unable to bend at the waist.

5. One of the biggest things I am not doing is trying to compel, convince or educate everyone in America that obama is not going to be a good president. He is just what our country needs, someone who will bring in Communism, pro choice- because babies are a punishment when we make a mistake, take away our right to bear arms, make those who earn $90,000 or more a year working hard to have to share their wealth.

6. No, I am not doing everything I can, praying without ceasing so that McCain/Palin are our next president and vice president.
An addendum to my blog---Number 2 is Only the part about it being too early and too cold.


He And Me + 3 said...

I agree, you are totally not overboard McCain/Palin. LOL

Debra said...


I love this meme! And I'm with you on the overboard McCain/Palin! There was a clip on the TV last night of Alicia Silverstone talking to the 'young' UCF students talking them into voting for Obama and it showed her telling them all in her daze that you could just see in his 'eyes' he will be a good president.

I thought OH, NOW I GET IT! IT'S HIS EYES!!!!! lol

Oh wait, this is about your post ~ it's quite lovely! And I'm so glad you stopped by my blog ~ you must pick up that Kreativ Award!

Your crew here is quite precious and I pray you all have a beautiful Monday! ((hugs))

Mom To Six said...


Loved your Not Me's! And good for you for starting to post again about Obama's agendas. We need to stand united and speak for these babies that cannot speak for themselves! God is bigger than the media....He CAN do this! Go McCain/Palin team!



McCrakensx4 said...

Great list! Did MiMi agree about the scrapbooking? :)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I think that I would also like to NOT ask your mom to buy me some grocery boys are eating me out of house and home!