Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Baby Step.

This baby step is not for getting fiscally fit but for physical fitness. I have many many many goals in my life and money and fitness are a priority to me right now. I am planning on exercising everyday in one form or another. I plan to go to the Powerhouse Gym 5 days a week and a walk whenever I can. I know that if I increase my output and decrease my input I will lost weight--so that is the goal.
When we are disciplined and do the things we know we should do, we feel better and are happier. Updates on my exercise goals and any tips I learn I will share on my Live Well Wednesday Blog.


He And Me + 3 said...

woo Hoo! You beat me on the blogging today. See how easy it is to get it done in the wee mornings? love it! SEe you for our walk soon!

Eyelashes & Endzones said...

I am jealous of the walks and the early morning bloggin....still can't seem to get that one done!