Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Top 10 Things.

Tomorrow we are going to Kalahari, a much awaited trip for the whole family. Well, trying to be organized I had a top 10 list of things that needed to be done before we left so that I could come home and relax from my vacation....LOL

1. Wash everyone's clothes, even those not being taken.
2. Clean the house so that I can come home to order and all I will need to do is wash our vacation clothes.
3. Go shopping for snacks for our room, I need popcorn and fruit and yogurt, juice--since we have a fridge in our room I can let Joel take his favorite--a gallon of milk.
4. Charge all phones and my camera and clean my camera disk so that I do not get that aggravating message on my screen that says "memory card full."
5. Lock up all doors and windows, close all blinds and put thermostat on 80. I would shut it off but I want my 2 silly cats to be alive when we get home.
6. Make a checklist so that I do not forget ANYTHING!
7. Pick up Mark, he would have a fit if we forgot him, he he he!!!!!
8. Water my plants and feed the fish in the pond, Mom will take care of Carly and Lucky.
9.Fill up the gas tank.


10. The one thing I have already done is called the Wire Doctors and had my ceiling fan installed in my dining room today. Henry, the wire doctor, found a few other electrical wires routed improperly and he fixed them and did not charge me for that. He is very affordable and fair, I gave him an extra $25 because I thought he was worth it and he was so caring to want to reroute my electrical wires because we could have a fire. If you need electrical work, I highly recommend him. His name is Henry Harris (the Wire Doctor) and his number is 313-485-0373.
That is my top ten and now I think I will hit the hay because I will be hitting the waves tomorrow.


Scrapadoodle said...

I think I will give the doctor a call...ha, I am sure he is not that affordable for Minnesota! Have a great trip and blog if you can!

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Wow! Did you really finish that whole list in one day? YOu are awesome. I love lists! Best thing ever invented? Wonder who started that time saving ritual? Enjoy your trip & have a relaxing time!