Saturday, May 31, 2008

Recital Performance--Priceless!!!

Some quick shots at dress rehearsal.

We are getting ready for a very big week. Dance Recital time is here and rehearsal is the 6th, recital the 7th, Newport Fireman's Festival the 8th and dance pictures the 9th. The 10th is piano recital but I will save that for another blog. On the 11th I think I will crash, but I really enjoy all these times when the kids have worked so hard for so long and we finally get to the performance. This September Emily will be adding Tahitian style of dance to her lessons and will be going two nights a week to dance class. Maybe someday she will be on Dancing With The Stars : )
Dance Lessons--- $65 a month.
Dance costumes--- $50 each.
Ballet, jazz and tap shoes-- $15 a pair.
Seeing my Emily dance---PRICELESS!


Ding Ding Dorn said...

Her costumes are so cute. Nicely done can't wait to see recital pics.

Lisa said...

that was a dress rehearsal, not good pics just for fun. her teacher likes to see contumes tried on in case it needs altering. her hair was not done, and her tights have been used all year as you can see. i will have some awesome dance pics, she will be posing one pic with Natalie.