Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Piano Recital 2010

AJ and Emily had their piano recital yesterday evening. Emily also had a flute solo, she did so well her brother AJ said she just may have a spot in the 6th grade jazz band....yeah!!!! following in big brother's footsteps makes a mama smile :)

AJ had the crowd rockin' and tappin' their feet when he played Axel F on the keyboard. His teacher says, "When he learns a piece of music real well, then he adds an "AJ TWIST" and rewrites it. I can't wait until his May 2011 wedding, he also did the Wedding March.....oh my, his Grandma had goosebumps.

A First Suite, Allegretto and Allegro Vivace on Piano.
Jammin' to Axel F.
Nonnie Joyce, our Pastor's wife, she surprised us by coming. She is always encouraging the kids to use their talents in church and I am so fortunate for that, that is where I want them to take all of this musical talent. Use it for the Lord.
And here is our Youth Pastor, see how the Lord looks out for me. He is just a gem, a mother can be so proud and relieved to have such a good influence and leader in her children's lives. Of the many blessing I have, and there are MANY,...I count this two folks.
This is a picture with the other blessing in my life, the kids piano teacher. She is pictured here with our friends children Priscilla and Ashley. Their Dad came to our house to service our Brinks Security System, we got to talking and he told me his wife wanted their girls to start piano.....I gave him Mrs. Slocum's business card and 7 years later we have become good friends and see each other at recitals. In that 7 years, their parents have become nurses so when we get together it is fun to talk "shop"!!!
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Denise said...

So proud of them, such talented kids.

He & Me + 3 said...

My mom said it was a wonderful night and that they did well. She loved going. cool that PD made it too.

sweetjeanette said...

What beautiful children, I'm sure will "rise up and called you blessed". I always loved the flute - but took the easy way out in band since I had taken piano lessons - I played...the bells! LOL
Thanks for participating in the PANTRY CHALLENGE - can't wait to hear how your week finished up on Monday!
jeanette from

McCrakensx4 said...

That is amazing! What wonderful accomplishments. Great pictures and love the one with Nonnie!

Alicia said...

All your kids are so talented, Lisa! I can't believe how grown up your son is looking now! And your daughter looks just like you!!!

What a blessing to have people come out to support them also!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

How awesome to have kids so talented! :D

Cori Benson said...

I'm popping over from BlogFrog to say hi! Michelle added you to my MckMama MEMES list and I wanted to give her credit :)

I enjoyed reading your blog!