Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reading....part of my new year resolution

I have decided to read more in 2010, I love to read because I learn so much and I would like to share a book with you that has been particularly enlightening for me. I just finished, The Blessed Life, by Robert Morris. I have learned so much about tithing, offerings and extravagant giving.
I really recommend you read it and apply the principles and see your life change for the better. I plan to read this book again because it is so full of scripture that I plan to read it a second time and take notes and memorize the scripture. God's word says, "Bring all the tithe into the storehouse and see that I won't open the windows of Heaven and pour out such a blessing that you will not be able to contain it" His word literally says TRY ME. Now getting out of debt has been a goal of ours and monetary blessing is not our motive for giving, it is out of obedience and the Lord does not need the money to further His Kingdom but we need to be givers.

One, of the many, important points I have learned is that the tithe is to be the first fruits. Even though when I am writing out my bills and I know I have saved 10% to be put to the tithe....if I pay that last I am not being obedient. The tithe must be first to come out. That check must be written first, or in our case, must be sent on line first. I have found that paying our tithe "on line" sends it off first and quicker than a check that sits in my checkbook until I get to church on Sunday.

God's Blessings for us have not only come financially but when I ask for wisdom God always comes through for me. When I ask for strength, I get it. I have recently been blessed with hours of work at the hospital that are the exact time that I am available and not bombarded with child responsibilities. I also work midnights and sometimes I do not have the help of a co-worker because they may be busy with a patient and I ask God for strength and He is gracious enough to help me and give me wisdom and this to me is a blessing.

I will be sharing more about this book, the scriptures, and how God is fulfilling His promises that are in His Word.


Denise said...

Be blessed as you bless sis, love you.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is how we do it too. The very first thing to come out is the tithe. we have always been blessed.

Lisa Baldwin said...

You are so true God comes first before anything... God has blessed my family in so many ways I thank him daily!

This was a GREAT post and perfectly writen!

Beth in NC said...

Just coming by to see you. I'm glad you're finding some time to read and enjoy.

Blessings and love,