Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th celebration.

Happy 4th of July everyone, I bought this cake and ended up dropping it. Thank God it stayed in one piece, just became a little lop sided is

We were able to bring my parents home for our July 4th get together with Tito's family. This is JP, Tito's brother, talking with my dad.
The kids got out the slip & slide and this is Adrienne taking Joel down the watery, slippery hill in the backyard.
This is a picture of Tito's niece Haidee and myself. She is such a sweet niece. She will be moving to Vegas with her husband Ray and her parents. They will be truly missed. Ray got a better paying job.
Ray & Haidee.

Joel with his Uncle JP.
Joel and his Uncle Jet.

This is Tito's sister, Jean on the lower right, and her husband above her, daughter Haidee and her husband Ray.
This is a little plant that Emily brought home from school her last day. She said it was a radish plant and needed to be put in a big pot right away so that we could grow some radishes. Well, I do not have a green thumb but seeing these little radishes bloom makes me smile.
This is also our future pumpkin patch, in October we may have some pumpkins for sale if we have extra.

Last but certainly not least, my parents were able to join us. We are dog sitting their dog and she was so happy to see them that she never left the spot in between them. They both had a very nice time and Tito's parents have always been so loving and caring to them that I am sure it was great therapy for both of them.
My sister and my dad.
It was a little bit like old times even though my parents health has greatly deteriorated, they were both here and had a good time. I thank God for moments like these and I can't wait for the day we are all in Heaven together with no sickness and no end to the wonderful world in eternity that those of us will have that believe.


Meleana said...

I loved your blog. Gosh, you've done so much with it. I am playing catch up.

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed your day, love you my friend.

Alicia said...

Oh Lisa..that is wonderful that your parents were able to spend the day with you!!Everything is possible w/ the Lord!!

When I first looked at the cake, I thought something looked off. Then, when I read why, I had to lol!

It looks like you had a great day with family!!!!

Have a blessed rest of the weekend, my friend!

He And Me + 3 said...

So glad you were able to save the cake. Too funny.
Haven't heard from you are seen you in so long IRL and blogland. Hope all is well. So glad that your mom and dad could spend the 4th with you. See you soon!

Debbie said...

Oh Lisa, I can sympathize with you on the cake. I recently posted on my cake disaster. A girl after my own heart! But it's the thought and motive behind it that is important, right?

So glad to see that your parents were able to come to your home, even if only for a day. You are such a good daughter and you have such a loving heart. I enjoyed each and every photo you posted.

Happy 4th of July!

Katrina said...

What great family pictures. Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

LisaShaw said...

Beautiful photos. Enjoyed!

Blessings this 4th of July.

Martha said...

Aww, looks like you guys had a blast!

Jeez, that cake made my hungry :o) no fair!

Martha said...

me* sorry about the typo, it's past midnight :P

Lisa Baldwin said...

I just love reading your blog it is so sweet and meaningful. I believe that when we are in heaven it is exactly like you said. So many people are scared to die but not me because I know where I'm going.

Happy late 4th of July!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

That could have been a "CAKETASTROPHY"!!

The rest of the day looks awesome!!!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you were able to bring your parents home for the day. What a great way to spend the day!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Aww. What a great post! Loved seeing the pictures of you and your mom and dad. So happy they were able to spend the day with you!!

The lopsided cake was too funny. I've had that happen too!! That's goes along with the 5 second rule in our house.. LOL

♥RocĂ­o♥ said...

They are BEAUTIFUL Family pictures! I am glad that your Mom and Dad got to spend the 4th of July with you!
About the cake my god it looks DELICIOUS! Right now is 4:08am central time and I am craving for some cake. I am totally going in the morning to Sam's Club to buy one. They make delicious cakes! YUMMY!

Take care my Beautiful Friend!

Silver said...

oh, the Radish plant makes me smile sis the pumkin greens!


Silver said...

oh, the Radish plant makes me smile did the pumpkin greens!

(oops.sorry. typo error.) ;0

Beth in NC said...

Ok, the cake made me laugh, then by the time I got to the picture of you and your day I started crying. I can see me and my Daddy and I know how you feel.

Love you!