Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am gonna miss this.

Joel really has no problem communicating and has been talking for quite some time. He has three older siblings so he has fit right in with voicing what he wants. In the process, he has mixed up a few statements and pronouns that have made us all laugh.

1. "may yeah" --this is what he calls Emily

2. "Mommy where is Daddy's are?" this is Where's Daddy?

3. "Mommy hold you?" this is Mommy hold me?

4. "Mommy change you?" this is Mommy change me.

5. "Fanks" this is Thanks

6. "Mommy, we go JIM-ER-G?" this is Mommy we go Gymboree?

7. "Pees" this is please

8. "AJ play pano." this is AJ play piano.

9. "Ate Tina" this is Kristina his cousin, it is funny to hear that because no one in the family calls her Tina--Joel does.

10. "My song on?" that is asking for me to put in his Hidem' in Your Heart video.

I wanted to compile this list because one of these days I will be journaling this in his scrapbook.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Cute little saying that they have don't they! We will definatly look back on these and miss them!