Monday, September 15, 2008


This blog is dedicated to JP and Marizel, my brother and sister in-law, who did such a fantastic job taking care of Joel, Emily and AJ while I went to Ohio for the hockey tournament and while Tito had to go to work. Adrienne and I had a wonderful time just being together without having to count heads and make sure everyone was with us. It was very nice for me to have a dinner and be with other hockey parents without anyone needing their face wiped between bites or being taken to use the restroom. We could come and go as we pleased without having to get everyone ready to go a half hour ahead of time. Thank you so much JP, Marizel and Kristina. Joel, AJ and Emily had as much fun as we did and I know for you, JP and Marizel, it was a lot of work and I will be eternally grateful for your help. We love you guys!!!


He And Me + 3 said...

I sure hope that they read your blog, because that was a very nice way to thank them. Now everyone on the blogging world knows how grateful you are to them!

jmk said...

It was a pleasure to have AJ, Emily & Joel over the weekend. We loved having them around. It was busy but it was good busy. We had a marvelous time. Kristina wanted to tell you guys that she had so much fun with her cousins - Kuya AJ, Ate Emily and Joel. She did miss Ate Adrienne, though. Maybe someday she can come over, too, so that you and Tito can have a romantic weekend :-) We love you guys, too. Thank you so much for entrusting us with your precious ones. Till next time!!!