Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation Bible School

I am so proud of AJ and Emily. They went to VBS today and they sat down at the kitchen table tonight and worked on their lesson books while they memorized their scripture verse. This Bible school is sponsored by the Boy's and Girl's Bible Club. This group also conducts Bible Club in the public elementary school on Tuesday at 3:30, Adrienne, AJ and Emily have participated in the after school program since kindergarten. Thank God for programs like these, I am so happy the kids could take advantage of this wonderful teaching and in the public school. Joel will be going to Bible Club too when he gets in the public school but for tonight he did not want to be left out so him and I colored in his coloring book and he insisted he get his picture taken also ; )


Fenntastic Fenn said...

I love VBS, my kids went twice this season.....Good lessons and great teachings!