Thursday, August 21, 2008

1 room down, 3 more to go.

Today the boy's room got organized and cleaned out. I am embarrassed to show the before picture but I don't think anyone can appreciate the work that went into cleaning out the closet unless I included one before picture of all the junk that is now in the garage awaiting a garage sale, trash day or purple heart. So here goes:

I am pleased to say their closet contains, their clothes and one box of toys each that they wanted to keep. All the toys that were missing parts went into the garbage and other toys will either be donated or sold. Thanks Tarah for turning me on to the org junkie website.


He And Me + 3 said...

Looks awesome! YOu are sure turning your house upside down this summer. Great Job! Feels good when it is all done huh?

Eyelashes & Endzones said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out on the OrgJunkie thing...don't you love it! Gives me great ideas when I need a kick in the pants...looks like you are on your way to an organized new routine..organize our finances!!!