Sunday, July 27, 2008

Japanese Flower Arrangement vs. English Country Garden

Japanese Flower Arrangement

English Country Garden
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"We may have some of the pieces of furniture we dreamed of and a few of the accessories, but mostly the dream is crushed under the shoes in the living room or buried under the books piled around the bed. We begin to question our dream. Perhaps we dreamed it wrong. We feel we need an interior decorator. Occasionally, we buy a lovely new spread and curtains for our bedroom, but it just doesn't work. In the store and in our minds it sparkled brightly, but in our house the beauty dims among the overabundance of furniture holding the overabundance of pictures, electrical gadgets, and possessions, of which are useful and clutter the beauty right out of existence." excerpt from book,
I was going to buy a 100 dollar table for our nice new painted bedroom and decided I would rather look at the cleared out empty space for a while and save that 100 dollars because I know that the table would end up being buried under something that ended up sitting on it. I have to start simplifying my life and my surroundings. My new motto, Less is best!!!


Ding Ding Dorn said...

Yes, Lisa...I totally agree...Less is best. That has been my motto for a long time. The only thing that I overdue on is picture frames, (in my house that is). Blogging has sure helped me with taking and developing pictures. I just post them & that is good enough. Simplify where & when you can for sure. Thanks for the thoughts=)

Fenntastic Fenn said...

I agree with Mimi and you both. Simple is best.
I like where you are going! Keep up the good work!