Monday, June 16, 2008

There is a method to my madness!!!

The kids have been nagging me, even before school was out, to buy summer passes to the Kennedy pool. I spent $145 for 5 summer passes that I am going to use for an incentive to getting their chores done. I have been on an organizing kick and it is harder to maintain any accomplishment I make when the kids are home all day. So if they want to use their passes their chores must be done each day even if we do not go to the pool that day, because if daily chores are not done it will mean no pool for the following day! Adrienne joined us too today, so that would have been $16 for the day, with the passes the kids can go as often as they like for the entire summer. Getting the passes for the summer was the incentive they needed to maintain the posted lists for clean up.


Scrapadoodle said...

Good idea! I like the way you think! I opted not to get passes this year because we have a pool at our clubhouse but it is more crowded, your getting the hang of the editing thing!

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Love the one of the tickets. And the picture of Joel is awesome...great capture of a peaceful little boy.