Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Money Well Spent

Tonight, Adrienne went to her first hockey clinic with guru Joe Kolet at the Ice Box. It was phenomenal to watch. There must have been 50 to 75 kids on the ice and it was very organized and money well spent. She really enjoyed learning new techniques for her body position and edge work for better power skating. Adrienne would probably want to shoot me if I came out there with a camera so tonight I included a picture from a day out with a friend. I am sure she would give the same "thumbs up" to her new hockey team. I know her Dad and I do.
I get very excited when I have luck seeking out opportunities for my kids to better themselves in their extra curricular activities. I have been very blessed with excellent music teachers, dance instructors, soccer coaches and now an excellent hockey coaching staff with the Michigan Capitals. She will be doing this clinic for 8 weeks and it will carry her onto the start with her new team.
Good Luck to my favorite professional hockey team the RED WINGS--WIN BIG TOMORROW ; - )


Ding Ding Dorn said...

IT is nice when you are pleased with the money you spent. Because if you are happy and the kids are happy, then it for sure is money well spent.
Glad she has found a hockey home.

Scrapadoodle said...

It's nice to see a family so committed to hockey...I though my husband was the only one LOL!
Maybe she will play on the Olympic team someday.....Hockey is THE most EXPENSIVE sport there is.....enjoy it while you got it!