Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"I boke it, Mama!"

Well my boy was at it again today. Broke a door off my entertainment center. I think I know how he did it, he was leaning on it as it swung back and forth. It is okay because it is going downstairs and mom and dad are getting a new flat screen for themselves. I was excited until a friend of mine at Gymboree, who has a 3 year old, told me he broke their flat screen TV when he hurled a toy at it. It was funny because we just got done painting our entire first floor and when Joel was around we would say, "Don't touch it." I guess I will need to prepare him for our new TV.
"I'm Gonna Miss This." well maybe not this.


Ding Ding Dorn said...

UGGGGGGG! It is so a boy thing! I have had things kept nice through both girls & along comes the K man & every other sentence is "oops...I broke this...that's ok, right Mom?" Well, no it is not ok..but what can you do? damage is done. We need a scrapbook of I'll fix it...for these boys.